Root cannot be opened for reading (Input/output error)

Dear all,
I am using TList for “merging” root files from cernbox using lxplus. It worked perfectly for months, but today something happened and now I can’t read any data from cernbox (I have checked cernbox the data is there).
I see the following error:
SysError in TFile::TFile: file /eos/user/i/ikostiuk/Cern_Data/pA/MagDown/Igor1/165/1/output/V0_tuple.root can not be opened for reading (Input/output error)

I have no idea why it appears. Does anyone have any clue why it happens and how to fix it?



Hi Lera,

I think this is not a problem we can solve in the ROOT team but perhaps you may want to signal this to the EOS team via a SNOW ticket (


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