ROOT binaries for CentOS 8

Dear Experts,
could you please provide ROOT binary distribution
for CentOS 8 too?

although not what you are asking for, you should be able to install ROOT on CentOS8 as an EPEL repo: it is packaged for Fedora as root.

Another simple option is to install ROOT as a conda package. Some more information is available in this blog post.


Thanks a lot Enrico,
I installed via EPEL repo the root-6-20-06 on my SentOS-8 and it runs simple codes ok.
But when I tried more complex data fitting code, which runs ok on another SentOS-7 PC ( using binaries of the same root version), I got on SentOS-8 this error:
root.exe: /builddir/build/BUILD/root-6.20.06/math/mathcore/src/BinData.cxx:296: ROOT::Fit::BinData& ROOT::Fit::BinData::operator=(const ROOT::Fit::BinData&): Assertion `fDataErrorLow.empty() != fDataError.empty() || kNoError == fErrorType’ failed.

Do you have any hint, could this be due to the different compilers (gcc4.8 vs gcc8.3)?

this should not be due to different compilers. It can be a sanity check introduced in a more recent ROOT version (i.e. your code was silently broken before and noisily broken now), or a bug that has been recently introduced in ROOT.

In either case, please open a separate forum thread and we’ll ping the ROOT::Math experts :smiley:


Hi Enrico,
thanks a lot, you are right, my code is “silently broken” and I’m going to open another forum thread on it.

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