ROOT and Visual C++ on Windows XP


I am using ROOT with Windows XP and I would like to know how to compile my program in Visual C++ or DevC++ using ROOT libraries.
For the time being, I save my program in the directory “macros” of c:\root and compile it directly in ROOT. It gets a little tiresome in the long run.
Can anyone help me ?
Many thanks

Hi Jada,

Depends the type of application you want to write, but here is one option:
Create a new ‘Win32 Console Application’ empty project, write your code, and link with ROOT libraries…
In fact as (almost) any Visual C++ application :wink:


  1. See:
  2. Look up for “How to Use ROOT under Windows NT?”
  3. Click there to get with
    See François-Xavier Gentit’s site at:

Thank you very much