Root and vector::resize() / STL

Hi there,
if I do a

root [0] vector hist[21];
root [1] for(int i=0; i<21; i++) hist[i]=0.;

everything seems to work fine. If I do instead

root [2] vector hist2;
root [3] hist2.resize(21,0.);

I get
*** Break *** segmentation violation violation
or other, similar error messages.

The second variant is of course easier, so I would prefer it
over manually resetting each position of this vector.

Is there another work around ?


Sorry, I forgot:
This is on a SuSE 10.0 system, with a freshly compiled root 5.08/00 .
gcc is 4.02 . I am not using the custom root interpreter I have
referred to in an earlier post, but a vanilla root executable compiled
from source (with --disable-globus).
Best Regards,

Humm. It looks like you did not generate the cintdlls (aka do gmake cintdlls). However you would then have notice that we have not added support for calling vector::resize from the command prompt yet.

We’ll try to add it as soon as possible.