ROOT and Qt on Windows


I am running Windows 7 OS with ROOT 5.32 and VC++2010. I would like to develop a GUI using Qt with my current ROOT installation, but am having trouble integrating Qt with ROOT. I read the ROOT/Qt integration chapter, but since I downloaded the binary files for Windows, there is no --enable-qt. There is however --enable-qtgsi. Is there a way to integrate Qt with ROOT on Windows without rebuilding ROOT from scratch? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, it is possible.
Alas my Forum account was destroyed and I lost of my bookmarks and link to my own posts to be able to guide you quickly. Please search Forum. There was several step-by-step instruction posted. I have very restricted connection to do it myself right now. (Check It may be outdated since I have no access to the Web site to adjust it = :frowning:

Hey, ROOT Team! Can you restore my Forum account ? Thank you. Valeri