Root and GSI QtRoot classes linker failed

Dear all,
I’m trying to compile minimalistic app with QRootApplication including GSI interface for QrROOT integration. Compilation is fine (I see all headers), however I’m faced with linking problem:

[ 12%] Linking CXX executable run
CMakeFiles/run.dir/QtRoot/QRootCanvas.cpp.o: In function `QRootCanvas::executeMenu(int)':
QRootCanvas.cpp:(.text+0x46f4): undefined reference to `typeinfo for TGedEditor'
CMakeFiles/run.dir/QtRoot/QRootWindow.cpp.o: In function `TGWindow::HandleExpose(Event_t*)':
QRootWindow.cpp:(.text._ZN8TGWindow12HandleExposeEP7Event_t[_ZN8TGWindow12HandleExposeEP7Event_t]+0x33): undefined reference to `TGClient::NeedRedraw(TGWindow*, bool)'
CMakeFiles/run.dir/QtRoot/QRootWindow.cpp.o: In function `TGDimension::TGDimension(unsigned int, unsigned int)':
QRootWindow.cpp:(.text._ZN11TGDimensionC2Ejj[_ZN11TGDimensionC5Ejj]+0x11): undefined reference to `vtable for TGDimension'
CMakeFiles/run.dir/QtRoot/QRootWindow.cpp.o: In function `TGDimension::~TGDimension()':
QRootWindow.cpp:(.text._ZN11TGDimensionD2Ev[_ZN11TGDimensionD5Ev]+0xb): undefined reference to `vtable for TGDimension'

I’ve attached this little example below. Do anybody have an idea why I do not see these definitions? I’ve compiled root with -Dqt=ON -Dqtgsi=ON

Thanks in advance for help,

qrootgsi.tar.gz (21.5 KB)

ROOT Version: 14.02
Platform: Centos 7
Compiler: gcc 7.3.0

Can anyone add some hints in this topic?


I’ll check next week (we are in a conference this week)

Cheers, Bertrand

Try with:

                      ${ROOT_LIBRARIES} ${ROOT_LIBRARY_DIR}/

Indeed that works! Thank you! Is there special reason why the is not included from the ${ROOT_LIBRARIES}?

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${ROOT_LIBRARIES} is the minimal set of libraries

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