dear all,
i would like to interface the DATE DAQ system with some ROOT routines in order to get an online EVENT DISPLAY and DAQ MONITOR.
Are there any ROOT libraries or classes I have to use? I mean, I know I can read directly the data files created by DATE, fill the histograms, draw the histograms and so on… but maybe if there are specific ROOT classes that can perform all I need (get the trigger, then read the current data buffer, …) all can be done in a better way… I guess.
I hope you have understood what I am searching for.
Many thanks.


You might try the Affair package at
This interfaces to DATE DAQ and produces performance plots (things such as CPU, network thorughput, DDL throughput) both to a web server and to an ROOT GUI. Note that a significant upgrade is coming up in the next few days, with numerous bugs removed.

If this is something you are looking for do not hesitate to mail me for more information.

Tome Anticic

Hi Roberto:

I am not sure whether it fit your needs, but you could use shared memory to communicate between the daq and display systems.

Root has a class TMapFile to support memory mapped files. It is a little bit clumbersum since the “server-side” has to actively push TObjects into the TMapFile {TMapFile::Update(“myObject”);} and the “client-side” has to pull them out again {TMapFile::Get(“myObject”);} everytime they change.
It is not really what one would expect from a memory mapped file.

Nevertheless, it works and we are actually using it in STAR for a secondary monitoring application (It is not really in the daq system, but that is a detail).