ROOT and Catalina

Dear ROOTers,

after the “downgrade” to Catalina of my Macbook Pro, I updated the ROOT installation following this:

and the result of this sequence of operations is that I cannot compile any longer (error messages are reported below) [2].
Also, the interactive root does not work any longer [1].

Would you please point me to a set of instructions I could follow, to have my root back into shape?

Best regards,


ROOT Version: 6.8.00
Platform: MacosX
Compiler: precompiled

bug:PietroCavaglieri $ root -v
dyld: Symbol not found: __cg_png_create_info_struct
Referenced from: /System/Library/Frameworks/ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/ImageIO
Expected in: /usr/local/lib/libPng.dylib
in /System/Library/Frameworks/ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/ImageIO

/Applications/…/include/c++/v1/experimental/string_view:18:3: warning:

"<experimental/string_view> has been removed. Use <string_view> instead." [-W#warnings]

warning “<experimental/string_view> has been removed. Use <string_view> instead.”

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I wonder if the right version of ROOT is picked up. Could you please call

which root
root-config --version

The Catalina pre-release from the referenced post should end up in /Applications/root_v6.18.99, so that it can be enabled by

source /Applications/root_v6.18.99/bin/

Thanks Jakob,

you’re right, I managed to fix the issue with the correct source in the .profile file.


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