ROOT Analyzed with PVS-Studio/CppCat?

I came across this interesting product recently:

It claims to be able to warn about potential coding errors that aren’t technically actual errors. Things like copy & pasted code where an trivial modification was missed, duplicated conditions in big if-statements, etc. Unfortunately it’s only available for Visual Studio non-express, so I don’t have the skills or resources to try it out on ROOT.

I am wondering if any ROOT developers regularly use Microsoft’s compiler and would be interested in trying it out. They apparently give out a free license to open-source projects because they use the output as marketing: “hey look we found a bug in glibc!” is pretty convincing!



I am aware of this product. As you point out, the fact that it’s tied to MSVC makes it less useful… We use Coverity and get feedback from clang and other static checkers regularly.

Cheers, Axel.


Analyzing the Code of ROOT, Scientific Data Analysis Framework

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