ROOT-7 Workshop

Dear Rooters,

I am very much interested to see in which direction ROOT-7 is evolving (feature and time wise) and would like to join the ROOT Workshop this year. Unfortunately this is not possible due to conflicts in my own schedule. The question is now: do you plan to record the talks and make them publicly available? It would be very much appreciated if this would be the case!

Your work on ROOT over the years is of high value to our own work on muon spin spectroscopy.


@Axel @pcanal please take a look and let Andreas know if it could be available?

Hi Andreas,

We are planning on recording the conference to some extent, we don’t know exactly in what format (audio only or more).


That’s great news! I guess audio and slides is a very good choice. Thanks for all the effort on ROOT and on the workshop!
Will you announce these channels on the workshop web-page of the workshop?


Yes, that’s the plan :slight_smile: