ROOT 7 browser and ROOT files with the extension ".hist"

I have a large number of ROOT histogram files with the extension “.hist”.
The ROOT TBrowser interface recognizes the files as ROOT files and allows a click-based navigation. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the web-based browser of ROOT 7 , which seems to “acknowledge” only files with the extension “.root”.

How does one tell the web-based browser that files with the “.hist” extension should be treated as ROOT files ?

– thanks, Pasha

Hi Pasha,

For the moment it is not possible.
I was not aware that *.hist files recognized as ROOT files in old TBrowser.
I will try to add it to the next ROOT version.


Hi Sergey, thanks!

as there is a number of other extensions used for ROOT files by different experiments, would it be possible to make the decision based not on the filename extension, but on the first four bytes of the file contents ?

– thanks, Pasha

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