ROOT-6.28/06. fatal error: 'TSpectrum.h' file not found

Dear all,

Please can you help with this issue. With ROOT-6.28/06 there is no header in the $ROOTSYS/include. With previous root, my program was working fine. I reinstalled ubuntu and root respectively, and now it cannot find TSpectrum.h file. What might be the reason?
Thank you.


Hi @dseitova, something seems to be wrong with your setup how did you install ROOT? Which Ubuntu version are you using? Where does $ROOTSYS point to? We need some more information to help.

Hi @jonas. It is Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. I installed root from the source. cmake options -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=…/install/ -Dmlp=ON -Dminimal=ON -Dmathmore=ON -Dcxx17=ON -Dgnuinstall=ON -Dbuiltin_freetype=ON -Dxft=ON -Dtmva=ON -Dx11=ON -Dasimage=ON -Dastiff=ON -Dxrootd=ON. $ROOTSYS points to install directory.

Ok. So what’s the output of root-config --incdir, and is this directory really empty?

The output is /home/diana/softs/ROOT/install/include/root. And it contains header files and directories, but there is no TSpectrum.h.

Ok, then it’s not a problem about the setup, but about the build configuration. TSpectrum is an optional component of ROOT, and maybe it got disabled it with this -Dminimal=ON. Better remove this minimal flag, or try to add -Dspectrum=ON explicitly.

By the way, TSpectrum is a legacy interface. I’m curious are you really still using it? What for?

Thank you, @jonas . It worked! It is a big code written by a colleague earlier. From what I see it seems to be used for searching peak and its position.

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