Root 6.26.06 make error

Hi experts,
I got the following error when I was building ROOT.

In file included from ROOT/build_6.26.06/net/netxng/G__NetxNG.cxx:38:
ROOT/root_source_git/net/netxng/inc/TNetXNGFile.h:27:10: fatal error: XrdCl/XrdClFileSystem.hh: No such file or directory
   27 | #include <XrdCl/XrdClFileSystem.hh>
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What package(s) that I missed ?

ROOT Version: 6.26.06
Platform: WSL2 (ubuntu 22.04)
Compiler: Not Provided

sudo apt install libxrootd-client-dev

cmake give the follwing:

 Found Xrootd version num: 5.4.1 (setting -DROOTXRDVERS=500040001)
              libXrdMain not found: xproofd will be a wrapper around xrootd
              libXrdClient not found: use built-in
              include_dirs: /usr/include/xrootd;ROOT/root_source_git/proof/xrdinc
              libraries: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

the installed xrootd-related packages in the system are libxrootd-dev, xrootd-server, libxrootd-client-dev


worked. Thank you.

now another problem. my python is in conda environment, when I run import ROOT in jupyter-lab, the python kernel just crashed.
I guest it was due to the absence of cppyy in the conda environment

You need to build ROOT using the same compiler (and libraries) that your “conda environment” uses.

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