ROOT 6.10 on SLC6

Is ROOT 6.10 series supported on SLC6 machines? I can’t find a suitable release on /cvmfs?
Is there any alternative? (centos7 has a different version of GLIBCXX/others)
Thank you

SLC6 ships a version of gcc that is too old for ROOT v6.10.
The easiest solution is to use a more recent OS, like cc7.
Is there any specific reason why you want to upgrade to v6.10 but at the same time can’t upgrade to a more modern OS?


I’d like to use the recent ROOT tutorials for teaching and would prefer not to confuse students with several versions (even though the basic stuff would work in 6.06 as well).
The upgrade is not easily possible - our cluster(s) all use SLC6.
But it looks like

export LCGENV_PATH=/cvmfs/
export PATH=/cvmfs/${PATH}
eval "`lcgenv x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt all`"
eval "`lcgenv -p LCG_latest x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt ROOT`"

is a good option?

yes, if you can use that, this should/will work (as it make available a compiler version ROOT needs).

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