ROOT 6.08.00: Adding your own libraries


I upgraded from 6.00.02 to root-6.08.00 and noticed some different behaviour for
my namespace’s, they were not available anymore in the interpreter. So going forward
unafraid :smiley: , I hacked my way to a solution and want to document it (just in case it
made it not yet to the official docu) and see the reactions of the developers .

In order to implement you libraries in ROOT, take the following steps:

  1. Add your code directories to MODULES in Makefile
  2. Add new dependencies to config/Makefile.depend
  3. Add new include files to build/unix/modele.modulemap
  4. Update “case $dirname in” in buid/unix/
  5. Update isDirForPCH in build/unix/

It would be great if instructions would be made available how to add your code
base to ROOT without installing it in the ROOT tree, thereby allowing easy switching
between versions.

anyhow, my 2cents, Eddy

Hi Eddy,
I think the best to build your libraries and binaries against an installation of ROOT without modifying the ROOT installation itself. This page explain how to do it.
Cheers, Pere

Hi Pere,

Great !, how can I find that page drilling down from the homepage

Best Eddy

Documentation->HowTo->Developer’s Tips