ROOT 6.02.02 and .L name.cxx++

Hi all.

So I have this library (name.cxx name.h) that contain functions and class to which I would compile before use via the command “.L name.cxx++”. Then I would call these functions and classes from various scripts and things would work under ROOT 5.34.25.

Now using the exact files and methods, it would not work under ROOT 6.02.02, the library would compile but when used in the scripts, the classes defined in name.cxx are unknown to the scripts. Has anyone encountered similar things ? Is there differences between the way ROOT6 and ROOT5 loads or compile files ?


In general 6.02.02 should work as 5.34.25, however in general, ROOT 6 requires to write proper C++. Some of the tricks applied in ROOT 5 do not work. Examples are use of -> instead of ., symbol resolution are compile time and not at runtime (e.g. gSystem->Load(…) has no effect in defining types and functions needed by the just in time compiler), #include the needed headers, etc. Please provide a more concrete failure