ROOT 5->6 port "Api.h" missing library

Dear all,

I’m trying to update a software that uses ROOT 5.34.32 to ROOT 6_06_08.

I found the problem that one class makes use of the function “G__p2f2funcname” from the “Api.h” library, which is currently not present in the “include” folder within ROOT 6 (and present in ROOT 5).

Is there any way to include these libraries while configuring ROOT? Or is there any equivalent to that function in another library?

Thank you in advance.

That is a part of the CINT interface in ROOT 5.
It is completely gone in ROOT 6, which uses CLING (i.e. you will need to redesign your class).

Argh, those are bad news… :frowning:


Sorry to bother again with the topic… But I found this TCling::GetFunctionName, that may be similar to what I need (G__p2f2funcname).

I have a question: How do I use the TCling class? (a #include <TCling.h> does not seem to be enough…) Do I need special building commands?

Thank you again!