ROOT 5.34 Qt Support


I’m currently working with ROOT 5.32 and i have full Qt support (Mainly TQtWidget.h)
But after installing mac 10.9 the only root ver i can work with is 5.34.18 and there is no Qt include files there.

All i’m trying to do is to run a Qt based program (that uses TQtWidget.h) with root support.
Tried compiling root from scratch but still no Qt suppot.

I would appreciate some help, thank you


If you have Qt installed, just typing configure --enable-qt
And maybe also with --with-qt-incdir=[your qt include location] --with-qt-libdir=[your qt libraries location] should be sufficient. If not, take a look in config.log to see if the configure script tried to look at the right location, or search on this forum for ROOT and qt

Cheers, Bertrand.

test. please disregard