ROOT 5.34.38 not advertised?

I had to build ROOT in a new system earlier, and as usual I do that twice; one for 6 and another for 5 (you always need those ancient scripts when you least expect it). The OS in question was Ubuntu 18.04.

6.14/04 went without a hitch, while 5.34/36… not so much. One step or the other the build failed. After digging around some apparently 5.34/38 exists [1], so I tried that and ok, the build went fine.

Now my question is why is it not advertised in [2]? Just an oversight or is there some reason why the devs don’t want people to be picking it up?


We simply haven’t released it yet (binaries etc) - there is not a lot of demand. We’ll get to it; the main motivation would be 6.16 switching to LZ4 compression as default.

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Right. I only got the source and assumed everything was available.