ROOT 5.34.36 and PYTHIA 8.226


I try to install ROOT 5.34.36 with Pythia 8.8226 with the command in ROOT install repository
./configure --prefix=$WORK/root-5.34.36 --enable-pythia8 --with-pythia8-incdir=$PYTHIA8/include --with-pythia8-libdir=$PYTHIA8/lib

but I have any errors with the creation of file :
==> lib/ done
montecarlo/pythia8/src/TPythia8.o: In function TPythia8::Initialize(int, int, double)': TPythia8.cxx:(.text+0x111e): undefined reference toPythia8::Settings::mode(std::string, int)'
TPythia8.cxx:(.text+0x115f): undefined reference to Pythia8::Settings::mode(std::string, int)' TPythia8.cxx:(.text+0x119b): undefined reference toPythia8::Settings::mode(std::string, int)‘
TPythia8.cxx:(.text+0x11d8): undefined reference to Pythia8::Settings::parm(std::string, double)' montecarlo/pythia8/src/TPythia8.o: In functionTPythia8::Initialize(int, int, double, double)’:
TPythia8.cxx:(.text+0x13b3): undefined reference to Pythia8::Settings::mode(std::string, int)' TPythia8.cxx:(.text+0x13f4): undefined reference toPythia8::Settings::mode(std::string, int)'
TPythia8.cxx:(.text+0x1430): undefined reference to Pythia8::Settings::mode(std::string, int)' TPythia8.cxx:(.text+0x146c): undefined reference toPythia8::Settings::parm(std::string, double)'
TPythia8.cxx:(.text+0x14a9): undefined reference to `Pythia8::Settings::parm(std::string, double)'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [lib/] Erreur 1
==> lib/ done
==> lib/ done
==> lib/ done

Can you help me, please ? Thanks a lot.


It looks like the interface of PYTHIA has changed… Could you try with an older version of PYTHIA? (I think it should work with 8201…)

Cheers, Bertrand.

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