Root 5.30/02 Mac OSx Lion - Several keys not working in GUI

Hi there
Since my installation of Root on my mbpro mounting Lion I’ve a problem with the GUI interface.
For example, in fit panel, i can not insert several characters in text fields.
For example these keys (I’ve the italian keyboard) è+òàù and their “alt” modified keys.
What can be the problem? thanks


Sorry, but accented characters are not supported in the GUI

Cheers, Bertrand.

I did not know this fact, and it is not really a problem at the end.
The real problem is that i’m not able to do {}[] parenthesis too!

Well, I don’t have any problem to enter [] and {} in the GUI with italian keyboard (using AltGr and Shift+AltGr keys) and svn trunk… Which version of Root are you using?

ell, as written in the post title i use 5.30/02

by the way, i’ve a macbook pro, so the normal key-comination is with alt, and not altGr…

may it be an installation problem? those keys seems not to work at all!