ROOT 5.28: New ROOT Project Leader: the GEANT Project

see the 3 announcements below;

ROOT version 5.28

We are pleased to announce that the production release ROOT 5.28 is now available.
This new version includes important enhancements in several areas.

New ROOT Project Leader

Together with Fons, we launched the ROOT project in January 1995.
Life was not easy during the first years, forcing us
to mature our project and work hard to demonstrate that our ideas could work.
In 1998 the decision by FermiLab to use ROOT for the run II was extremely important
for the project. The Alice collaboration was already using ROOT since 1996, but
the FNAL decision added more momentum to the project, in particular when Philippe joined.
Across the years, the team grew with new expertise, new developments, boosted
user support. Now a 16 years old project, the ROOT system is widely used in HEP
and many other fields. One of my last contributions was to consolidate the team,
making sure that stable manpower was granted for the project for the medium and long term.
With the completion of this new release, I thought that it was the right time
for passing the leadership to Fons who has been following all the facets of ROOT since
the very beginning. I trust Fons and the team to continue to provide an effective
user support and implement the new developments with LLVM and GL discussed within
the project since several months. They will continue to have, of course, my full
I take this opportunity to thanks very warmly my colleagues in the ROOT team and
also the growing user community for their essential contribution to make ROOT as
it is today.

The GEANT project

I am now starting a new project named GEANT, in fact not so new considering that
I have been involved in the detector simulation field for more than 25 years.
In January, I will post more information at (now empty).
This web site will include a description and the goals of the project as well as
a discussion Forum where I will invite interested people to contribute with
their ideas and criticisms. The project will be presented in a public meeting
on Thursday 16 December.
see … fId=116419
In case you are interested to join this project, please do not hesitate to contact me, all ideas are welcome.

We take this opportunity to wish you and your family
a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011

Rene Brun

ROOT is 16-years old now! :smiley:
I first knew it in 2001, also 9 years ago. Few people knew it at that time.
Now, many guys play with it with all kinds of experiments (not HEP, :slight_smile: ).