ROOT 5.11.02 and g++ 2.96

Good day,

I am having difficulties compiling the latest ROOT on one of my old linux boxes with Red Hat 7.2, which has g++ 2.96 installed. Is it that support for g++2 was dropped in this release? I have looked into release notes by did not find such a note.

Here are examples of errors. Most of them seem to be in a CINT code.

g++ -O -pipe -Wall -W -Woverloaded-virtual -fPIC -Iinclude -DHAVE_CONFIG -pthread -DINCLUDEDIR="/usr/include" -DOBJSUFFIX=".o" -o build/rmkdepend/mainroot.o -c build/rmkdepend/mainroot.cxx
build/rmkdepend/mainroot.cxx: In function void ROOT_flush ()': build/rmkdepend/mainroot.cxx:49: no matching function for call tobasic_string<char, string_char_traits,
__default_alloc_template >::clear ()’
build/rmkdepend/mainroot.cxx:50: no matching function for call to
`basic_string<char, string_char_traits,
__default_alloc_template >::clear ()’
make: *** [build/rmkdepend/mainroot.o] Error 1

I was able to overcome this with the code like:

  • currentFileBase.clear();
  • currentDependencies.clear();
  • currentFileBase.erase(currentFileBase.begin(),currentFileBase.end());
  • currentDependencies.erase(currentDependencies.begin(), currentDependencies.end());

The next one:

g++ -O -pipe -Wall -W -Woverloaded-virtual -fPIC -Iinclude -DHAVE_CONFIG -DG__REGEXP -DG__UNIX -DG__SHAREDLIB -DG__OSFDLL -DG__ROOT -DG__REDIRECTIO -DG__STD_EXCEPTION -pthread -o cint/src/Api.o -c cint/src/Api.cxx
In file included from cint/src/Api.cxx:21:
include/Api.h:26:19: ostream: No such file or directory
make: *** [cint/src/Api.o] Error 1

This is pretty well fixed with:


One more then:

g++ -O -pipe -Wall -W -Woverloaded-virtual -fPIC -Iinclude -DHAVE_CONFIG -DG__REGEXP -DG__UNIX -DG__SHAREDLIB -DG__OSFDLL -DG__ROOT -DG__REDIRECTIO -DG__STD_EXCEPTION -pthread -o cint/src/Apiif.o -c cint/src/Apiif.cxx
cint/src/Apiif.cxx: In function int G__G__API_72_1_0 (G__value *, const char *, G__param *, int)': <internal>:37: too many arguments to functionvoid *operator new []
(unsigned int)’
cint/src/Apiif.cxx:37: at this point in file
:43: too many arguments to function void *operator new (unsigned int)' cint/src/Apiif.cxx:43: at this point in file cint/src/Apiif.cxx: In functionint G__G__API_72_2_0 (G__value *,
const char *, G__param *, int)’:
:61: too many arguments to function `void *operator new
(unsigned int)’

This is the place where I gave up. Any ideas?

The last version known to compile well is 5.02.00. Don’t know about later releases though.

There is also a problem in RPM spec preparation introduced in build/package/lib/ Some of sed expressions work only with GNU sed 4.x, but not with GNU sed 3.x I have here (I don’t know why). I am attaching a patch that worked for me, for your review.

Denis Stepanov (440 Bytes)

Unfortunately we had to discontinue support for gcc 2.96.
Note that you can install (relatively simply) a newer version of gcc on your machine.


Thanks, Philippe. Was this ever announced? I see that ROOT configure script still has targets for gcc 2.9x and even for gcc 2.7.x.x.