Root 4.01/03

I’ve just instaled newest root from cvs and I have some problems.
first, I cannot see any gui object, for example:

root [1] TBrowser a;
root [2] 

and nothing happend!???
second thing:

root [2] TCanvas *c1=new TCanvas("c1","c");
Warning in <TCanvas::ResizePad>: c1 width changed from 0 to 10

Warning in <TCanvas::ResizePad>: c1 height changed from 0 to 10

root [3] 

What width, and height? I didn’t declare any of them.
BTW I noticed, that this warnigs happend with any kind of contructors in TCanvas…

I use Linux, RH7.3, gnome, gcc3.4.2

thanks for any help,

You live in the “land of imagination” ::slight_smile:
gcc3.4.2 is still an imagination for us.


Uhhh… now I see,
I will download 3.2


well, It is not gcc problem

I’ve tried compile also older root(3.10, 4.00.08) with different gcc(2.96, 3.4) and always I had the same problem…

When I installed from binaries root works very well

What is other possible reason?
Maybe I havent’t got some library?



Did you set the DISPLAY variable?


Problem occurs only when I install from sources, so this shouldn’t be a DISPLAY
I can see also root’s logo at the start(I think also depends on DISPLAY variable)

but to be sure:

setenv DISPLAY "hostname:0.0"

and haven’t helped

maybe I will have to install whole linux again :cry:


Can you run ROOT taken from one of the binary files?

If not, can you run other applications using X11?
Do you have the correct Xfree86 ?


yes, I can run ROOT from binaries.
When I download from binaries ROOT works very well, every gui objects are displayed properly.
There isn’t problems with others aplications either(some of them I installed from sources)

There is one more possible reason - since now I have installed in specific location(option in configure: --with-prefix=/directory) and as a common user(not root)