ROOT 4.01/02 has been released

The ROOT Team is pleased to announce the first development release of
ROOT version 4.01/02.

Binaries for all supported platforms are available at:


Versions for AFS have also been updated.
See the list of supported platforms:

This new back compatible version includes many new features, in particular:
-Graphics editors & Rebinners for TH1, TH2, TGraph
-a GUI Builder/Editor/Code generator
-a new OPenGL viewer
-the very powerful XROOTD file/data server.
-many improvements in Trees, TMath

The production release of version 4.01 is scheduled for Christmas.

For more information, see:

Next week, we are attending CHEP2004 at Interlaken. We will not be
in a position to process complex mails.

The ROOT team