ROOT 4.00.08 on Windows VC++ .Net 2003 (7.1)

I have downloaded ROOT 4.00.08 WinGDK binaries for Windows built with VC++ 7.0. I actually use VC++ 7.1 on my Windows XP box. I’ve run into some trouble using some user-defined ROOT data classes when built with these binaries. The resulting shared library sometimes does not load in interactive ROOT - it seems to depend on the order in which I load some of my libraries.

I am looking to compile 4.00.08f from the source. In the past I have heard talk of providing VC++ project files - are there any currently available for this version of ROOT? Has anyone built using VC++ 7.1 rather than 7.0?



The latest release 4.01/04 has been built with VC++7.1