RooPlot to histogram

Hi, friends.

There is a root file containing RooPlot, Plotting object, is there a way to re-write it to histogram?
To manage it, like changing title box, stat. options, but in my reading old-posts, it looks not easy in roofit, rooPlot frame…

Still RooPlot is difficult to me, so could you let me have some hints?

root [0]
Attaching file x11_toy.root as _file0…
root [1] .ls
TFile** x11_toy.root
TFile* x11_toy.root
KEY: RooPlot frame_01f27940;1 A RooPlot of "_sigent Pull"
root [2] frame_01f27940->Print()
RooPlot::frame_01f27940: "A RooPlot of “_sigent Pull”"
Plotting RooRealVar::_sigentpull: "_sigent Pull"
Plot contains 1 object(s)

Post questions abour Roofit at “Stats and Math tools”, you increase your chances to get an answer from Wouter ::slight_smile:


Dear Rene,

Now I’m going to that section. :slight_smile: