RooFit: SumW2Error; suppress messages?


I have a question on the use of SumW2Error for binned ML fits with RooFit: if the RooHistPdf’s used to build the RooAddPdf (which will then be fitted) are constructed from histograms filled with weighted (eg monte-carlo) events, is it then necessary to specify the SumW2Error option when doing to fit?

If that’s the case, I’d like to suppress all messages it produces when doing the fit. To do this, I wrote:

RooMsgService.instance().setGlobalKillBelow(RooFit.WARNING); model.fitTo(data, RooFit.PrintLevel(-1), RooFit.Verbose(kFALSE), RooFit.SumW2Error(kTRUE));
This successfully suppresses all messages, except for one:

… Which of course doesn’t appear when I don’t use the SumW2Error option.

This is very annoying, since I’m repeating the fit on a large number of pseudo-experiments, and don’t want this line to appear each time. Is there a way to suppress it?




Thanks for reporting this. I will suppress this message when fitting in non-verbose mode

Best Regards