RooFit missing in binaries for v5.12


I am sorry to re-post this, but I do think that RooFit is missing in the binaries for v5.12,
version for FedoraCore5 (Intel x86 Linux for Redhat FC5 and gcc 4.1, version 5.12/00 (36.2 MB).
What is maybe suspicious is that the downloaded file is only 29MB and not 36 as advertised: am I missing anything?

thanks a lot

Hi Stefano,
yes, you are right. In root_v5.12.00.linux-gcc-4.1.tar.gz (13jul) missing
problem was in gcc4.1, see

Download “re-new” source root_v5.12.00.source.tar.gz and recompile, don’t forget configure with --enable-roofit


dear Jan,
thanks for your reply