Roofit library in v5-12-00

is RooFit supposed to be included in the binaries for v5-12-00 ?.
I have just installed it (using: Intel x86 Linux for Redhat FC5 and gcc 4.1) and it runs fine, but the libraries for roofit are not there. Do I have to install them separately? where do I get them?
thanks a lot for your help


roofit should be part of all binary distributions. Which one did you take?

When you install from source, you must configure with


I took the one in version 5.12 marked as:
Intel x86 Linux for Redhat FC5 and gcc 4.1, version 5.12/00 (36.2 MB)
what is maybe suspicious is that the downloaded file is only 29MB and not 36 as advertised: am I missing anything?

thanks a lot