Roofit libraries not available to compile the macro in macOS 11.1

Hi everyone,

I am working with Root version 6.22/06 in macOS 11.1. I am trying to run the following macro. It is giving me errors (I have attached the errors in the file below {error.txt}). I am not sure that these errors are due to missing any library in Root as I have installed it from the Homebrew.

I also tried to run it from by activating conda environment (It is another method of using precompiled root). Running macro by this method also I am getting the same errors. But It seems to me in it also there few libraries are missing as Its also precompiled.

Kindly if anyone of you have also seen the issue like this previously while using roofit in macOS , Please provide me your valuable suggestion.

For making it more clear, I am also attaching the macro (BmFit_DataFile_exp_doublgauss.C).
BmFit_DataFile_exp_doublgauss.C (7.4 KB)

Thanks and Regards,
Sadhana Verma
error.txt (15.1 KB)
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Looking at the error produced, it seems to come from several variable defined in your TCut objects used to reduce the data, that are not defined.
When using RooAbsData::reduce you canap├ęs names for only the variables that are in the dataset.
The dataset instead contains only the variable Bmass.
You should apply the selection cuts on the TChain and afterwards create a RooDataSet. You can use for this the CopyTree function on the TChain.
See ROOT: TTree Class Reference