RooFit: Changing output level


I am trying to reduce the output level of the fits in a RooMCStudy. I have tried to do this by passing PrintLevel(-1) as one of the CmdArgs , along with Extended(kTRUE) and Verbose(kFALSE). However, this results in the error

ERROR: unrecognized command: PrintLevel

When I use this CmdArg with RooAbsPdf::fitTo(…), it works fine. Is this option not supported for RooMCStudy, or am I missing something/doing something wrong.



Hi Nick,

You have to pass it as a FitOption: e.g.

you pass FitOptions(PrintLevel(-1),…) ;

to the RooMCStudy ctor.

Alternatively, you can pass the Silence() argument (not a FitOption())
which will essentially kill nearly all terminal output
of RooMCStudy (also non-fitting output),