RooFit Banner - can we switch it off somehow?

I’m building a number of stand-alone utilities. They link against a library (I control) that links against ROOT and some parts of the library use RooStats. Some of the utilities have nothing to do with RooStats directly, but because they link against that library every single time they are run the banner gets dumped out:

[code][gwatts@localhost cmt]$ FTDump.exe

RooFit v3.14 – Developed by Wouter Verkerke and David Kirkby
Copyright © 2000-2010 NIKHEF, University of California & Stanford University
All rights reserved, please read

–check - check if the binning of the input is self consistent

It makes my code look pretty unprofessional. And ROOT doesn’t do this when you link against its libraries either… :slight_smile: How can I turn this off? I’m forced, btw, to pull the RooStats implementation from ROOT itself in this build. Is there some ENV variable or somethign I can set that it will detect and then suppress that message?

Many thanks!!


By looking at the code, (RooBanner.cxx) you can suppress it if you re-compile with the option


Right - since I’m living int he ATLAS framework, that isn’t an option - unless I’m going to put all of the code in the repository… I just realized something else - I’m trying to pipe the output of one program into another - and that @#&@^ bannner goes with it… so now I have to write a special filter program that strips out the banner.