Rfio problem - pre-compiled libshift available?

Hi Experts,

linking against root 5.12.00 we get an error of the type …

dlopen error: /opt/products/root/5.12.00/lib/libRFIO.so: undefined symbol: tStageHostKey

The castor libraries (2.1.0-4) and root 5.12.00 were compiled from source on an ancient suse 8.x based system. Just to rule out, that something went wrong during castor compilation: can someone provide an (SL3) pre-compiled libshift.a file for root (and/or any other hint) ???

Thanks a lot , Frank.


seems something got not build in your Castor library. If you build Castor from source use the attached site.def file in the config directory.

Cheers, Fons.
site-def.txt (11.4 KB)

… thanks a lot ! that solved the problem …