Retrieving X values from a TSpline3 providing a Y value

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Using the below code:

DataPoints.C (4.1 KB)

I create a TSpline3.

I can then do,

double ratio = sp3->Eval(600)/sp3->Eval(500);
double value_of_interest = sp3->Eval(156)/ratio;

Any my question is, how do I then find the ‘X’ value corresponding to ‘value_of_interest’ on the spline?


The simplest way is to create a TF1 object based on the TSpline3 using for example a lambda function, and then you can call the TF1::GetX function.

auto lambda  = [&](double *x, double *){ return sp3->Eval(x[0]); };
auto f1 = new TF1("f1",lambda, xmin, xmax, 0); 
double x_value = f1->GetX( y_value, xmin, xmax); 

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