Resize a TFrame via code

I need to resize the TFrame of the histograms and graphs (TH1 and TGraph) created into a canvas. I need to do this with the methods of the classes, but I have not found anything. I need to resize the TFrame because I need to add some labels in the right side of the canvas that contains the histogram.

How is it possible to do this?

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Andrea Bulgarelli

TFrame derives from TBox (see the doc at, and TBox has the methods SetX1, SetX2, and Y1, SetY2. Use those.

I have tried the following commands

TCanvas c1;
TH1D h1(“A”, “B”, 100, 0, 100);
TFrame* f = (TFrame*) c1.FindObject(“TFrame”);


It print 100. After this


but it don’t work, because when a make an update of the canvas (i.e. with the mouse or with the c1.Modified(); c1.Update()) the are no resize of the frame and with f->GetX2() I obtain 100.

I have tried also with f->Draw() but the result is the same.

Thank you for your help.

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Andrea Bulgarelli

Hi Andrea,

try gPad::SetTop|Bottom|Left|RightMargin().


it is really a trick with the margins !! But it seems to me to be ‘displayed histogram’ dependent. Does there exist a way to position it relatively in 0-1 region? Or one must first check the histogram ranges and then compute all the ranges and apply them… ?
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I think the simple way is to create your own GUI based on either ROOT or Qt class libraries with the embedded TCanvas.

As soon as you satisfy “One histogram - one TCanvas” you may have placed and layouted the embedded TCanvas’ using the advanced GUI layout mechanzin rather the primitive TFrame manipulation.