Rescale x axis of histogram

I have a histogram h1. At some point I realise that I want to rescale the x axis by some parameter a.
For that purpose I can create another histogram h2 as in the following example:

void rescale_axis()
  TH1F h1 = TH1F("angle", "angle", 10, 0.0, TMath::Pi());
   //Filling h1
  TH1F h2 = TH1F("angle/Pi", "angle/Pi", 10, 0.0, 1.0);
  for (unsigned char bind = 0; bind <= h1.GetNbinsX() + 1; bind ++)
      h2.SetBinContent(bind, h1.GetBinContent(bind));

Is there a way to do the rescale operation on h1 directly?

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