Representing optional arguments in LinkDef.h

Hi there,
what is the proper format to represent an optional argument
in the LinkDef.h file ? This is with regards to the printw function
of the ncurses library, whose declaration is

int printw(const char*, …);

I.e., it has optional arguments that can, but do not have to be
there. So far I have represented this function as

#pragma link C++ function printw;

which I believe is the proper form for functions that take only
one argument (?). Indeed, I can - using my custom root interpreter
with ncurses extension - print characters and strings using printw,
e.g. in the form

move(10,10); printw(“Hello World”);

I have now tried something along the lines of


where max_entry is an integer. This prints 0, where a “cout” of
max_entry shows the proper number. I believe that this could be
due to an incorrect LinkDef entry for printw.

Any idea ?

Thanks for the help,

#pragma link C++ function printw;will request the generation of the dictionary information for all overload (and already instantiated in case of template) of the function printw.

#pragma link C++ function printw(int);will request the generation of the dictionary information for the function with exactly the signature printw(int)

There is currently no way to specify explicitly a signature that contains an ellipsis. I.e. the only to get the dictionary information for printw(const char*, …) is to use #pragma link C++ function printw;