Replicating fatjet clustering done by Delphes using fastjet

I am acessing Delphes output rootfile and extracting EFlowTracks , EFlowNeutralHadrons and EFlowPhotons pt , eta and phi and clustering these particles using fastjet (antikt algorithm, R=0.8) and I am not obtaining the same leading fatjet pt that Delphes presents in the root file.
Any idea why? In the default delphes card it seems like the inputs to fastjet are indeed the eflow objects. Already tried adding trimming, prunning in my clustering (or run Delphes without these) and it did not changed.

Hello Ines,

Thanks for the post and welcome to the ROOT community!
I apologise but I do not see how ROOT is involved in the answer to your question. I would look into the Delphes setup used to cluster the jets.

I hope this helps a bit.