Rendering error

Hello, I’ve recently installed ROOT, and whenever I try to compile it nothing shows, only a ROOT session window for a fraction of a second and then the program closes immediately returning value of 0, therefore with no errors. I have successfully set the environment, libraries etc…
I’m using Visual Studio 2022 & Windows 11.

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I’m afraid we cannot help with so little information… Can you describe exactly what you are doing, what you expect and how it fails?

So, I’m trying to render a basic histogram, the code is fine, and I’ve linked all the needed libraries. When I compile the code in VS2022, no error is shown, the “ROOT session” window pops up for a second and then disappears instantly, leaving the depuration console window.

Can you post the code? Did you create a TApplication instance and called TApplication::Run()?

It does work now thanks, I made a TApplication TAPP(“TAPP”, nullptr, nullptr) & then called TAPP.Run().

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