Rename Branch

Dear supporters,

one branch in my tree is made from a TClonesArray of objects of a certein class “tracks”. According to the split level, this results in a number of sub-braches each containing a single leaf. Both the leaf and the sub-branch for a variable x have names “tracks.x” and titles “x[tracks_]”.
Unfortunately the variable names in this class are not very informative. Can I change the names of my sub-branches? Can I say:

What must I take into account? Must sub-branch and leaf necessarily have the same name (and title)? Must name and title correspond to each other like “tracks.bla” versus “bla[tracks_]”?
It seems to work so far, but can I run into problems (or the people to whom I pass these data)?

Curious regards

Hi Werner,

Renaming branches is not supported as the name of the branch needs to be synchronized with the content of the StreamerInfo.

You may simply want to use TTree::SetAlias.


Thanks, Philippe,
this is very useful for me, especially because I can use formulae in the aliases.
Пoка, Werner