Removing the output name in tmva histogram

Hi, root team. I am using root for the TMVA to plot histograms. I use output file name in code as “TMVA.root” and it appears in the histograms in the bottom right corner. I want to remove it how can I remove this outputfile name. I attached the .c file of code and plot.
unnamed.pdf (22.7 KB)
TMVAClassification0.C (27.2 KB)


I am not seeing this filename as you. Can you please describe the exact procedure you did to get this plot ?



Thanks for your reply. Basically used the following code to produce some plots. These plots has a logo of TMVA.rootvin the bottom right of the plot. I want to know how can I remove this logo of TMVA.root by changing TMVAClassification.C code or by some other method. The actual TMVAClassification.C file is attached and one plot so that you can check TMVA.root written in plot. I run TMVAClassification.C in root and got the plot.
TMVAClassification.C (23.2 KB)
BDT_overtraining.pdf (23.6 KB)