Remove TRandom3 output message. RandomEngineRoot


I am using ROOT 5.24/32

I have been trying to find out how to remove the following ROOT output message without sucess.

Generator type: TRandom3
Seed: 809911139

This message appears when I load a ROOT-ified library linked., which seems connected to TRandom3. The message appears as soon as I load the library, I do not execute nothing.

I need to avoid printing that on screen, do you know an option or a way to remove this kind of messages from the output?

Please, help needed!



I think is message is generated by some of the library you are loading that is using ROOT and not ROOT itself

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Yes, this message is loaded when I do gSystem->Load(“”) inside ROOT. is a library I developed myself, this library is using TRandom3, and it seems that as soon it loads the library in ROOT it print outs this message that I want to avoid. I have no control over it.

Any ideas?



As I said the message is produced by your library, so grep for this message in your code or whatever other library you are using. We do not write such message in ROOT



Ok, I found the message is coming from Garfield++


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