Reinitialise MINUIT parameters

I use MINUIT to do some Chi2 and maximum likelihood fits. I need to fit variable1 first, then variable2, then variable2 vs variable1 in one program run. When fitting variable1 and variable2 independently, MINUIT replaces the starting values by that that are found, then uses these values as starting values for the next 2D fit - how do I prevent it, ie how do I instruct MINUIT to reset itself (not completely, it would be handy to keep parameter definitions, step sizes and the like) and use the initial values?
I tried the END command but MINUIT seems to ignore it (no messages, no effects).



Why not re-issue the commands again that initialized the variable
in the first place ?


This works indeed but I was hoping for a single command that would cause a global reinitialisation (of all parameters) and avoid the need of re-issueing the command for each previously defined parameter.

That does not sound like a good idea because then the intitial
state has to be stored somewhere internally !