Registered datasets usable by other users?


I am working in the Lyon Analysis Facility with PROOF, and I register datasets using:

TProof * p = TProof::Open(“”,pipo);

The dataset is registered eg as /atlas/laplace/DATA. This is not usable by other users.
How can I share my registered datasets ?


Dear laplace,

This is surprising.
Can you post the error that other users get? The y have to specify the whole ‘path’ /atlas/laplace/DATA …
What ROOT version are you using?

G. Ganis

if another user does:


we get the following error message:

10:49:56 8054 Mst-0 | Info in TDataSetManagerFile::GetDataSet: dataset /scratch/proofbox/lafaye/datasets/atlas/laplace/DATA.root does not exist
Error in TProof::GetDataSet: error receiving datasets information

PS: working with v5.26.00b

Dear laplace,

Ok, I see the problem.
To share the datasets one has to define them in a common area. The default
datasets are created in the proof sandbox which is completely private.

The solution should be to add the following directive in the configuration file on the master:

xpd.datasetsrc file url:/scratch/datasets opt:Ar:Av: rw=1

Here I assume that you want to save the dataset information under ‘/scratch/datasets’ .
The dataset files will be saved under ‘/scratch/datasets//’, so in your case
’/scratch/datasets/atlas/laplace’, and all your datasets should be visible by all the other
Note that, unfortunately, you have to create ‘by hand’ the group and user subdirectories
with the following {ownership, permissions}:

 top dir:   /scratch/datasets      ownership: daemon{grp,usr}   permissions: 0775
 group dirs:   /scratch/datasets/<group>      ownership: daemon{grp,usr}   permissions: 0775
 user dirs:   /scratch/datasets/<group>/<group>   ownership: user {grp,usr}   permissions: 0755

Here ‘daemon{grp,usr}’ are the {group,user} unix identity under which the daemon is run,
‘user {grp,usr}’ is the user unix identity.
This subdir setup is automatically done by the daemon starting with 5.27/02, but for previous versions
it must be done ‘by hand’.

Please try and let me know,

G. Ganis

Thanks ! We’ll try that (since it’s an analysis farm that I dont control myself, it will take a few days to test it) and let you know,