Regarding installation of Geant 4 Gate and ROOT

I currently installed packages for visualizations of openGL but when I try running my Gate command I can see my visualization for only 1 second and the viewer closes. I am not able to view my output of visualization. Following are the warnings that I get after running my gate command:

G4VisManager: Using G4TrajectoryDrawByCharge as fallback trajectory model.

See commands in /vis/modeling/trajectories/ for other options.

WARNING: 9 events have been kept for refreshing and/or reviewing.

"/vis/reviewKeptEvents" to review them one by one.

"/vis/enable", then “/vis/viewer/flush” or “/vis/viewer/rebuild” to see them accumulated.

[Core-0] End of macro ./mac/BET_1s_1Bqvis.mac

Graphics systems deleted.

Visualization Manager deleting…

It would be great if anyone can help me on this part. If you know someone who can help me, do let me know as I am stuck with this and I am unable to see my visualization of the GATE simulation.

What is wrong with my installation is there any required graphics package that I am missing?

ROOT Version: 6.00
Platform: ubuntu 16.0.04

I guess this is more a GATE (or GEANT4) issue than a ROOT one. You should open a topic on their forum.