Regarding GSoC 2018 Project based on GPU computing and DNN

Hello everyone, I’m looking forward to participate with CERN-HSF 2018 for GSoC 2018. I have decided to work on this project: Machine Learning Project - Convolutional Deep Neural Networks on GPUs for Particle Physics Applications:

There is some confusion regarding it. The project repository is this: which seems to be not updated w.r.t original repo of ROOT. But, maintainers told me to work on tmva-dnn-dev-test branch of repo.

How should I work on it? Since the repo is not updated, I think the ROOT version is not supported on MacOS v10.13. Then, how it will build ROOT? Should I clone original repo and build ROOT?

I’m new to ROOT. It would be great if anyone can help me out and suggest me what should be my strategy to work on the project. I’m very much interested to contribute. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Harshit!

And welcome to TMVA :slight_smile:

The root forum, might not be the best, ahem, forum for discussion of GSoC projects. I will get back to you with a recommendation.

Regarding your question: What is the exact problem that you encounter?

You can try to rebase/merge the branch with the upstream master. If there are no conflicts you can at least build and start exploring the code.

Sure. It would be great if you can suggest me a different forum for discussion of GSoC projects. :slight_smile:

There is no problem, just a little confusion. Yes, I can try to rebase/merge the branch with the upstream master but I think that will surely create conflicts. The confusion was I have to work on tmvadnn/root and since the repository has not been updated, how should I contribute in it ?

If you can compile it on your machine, then you can already start using that branch. This branch is a feature branch and contains all the latest developments for the dnn’s.

At some point, it will be merged into master. Your work would then be integrated into the tmva-dnn-dev-test alongside this. Or, if you keep your developments in a separate branch/repository, they can be integrated after the tmva-dnn-dev-test as been merged into master.


Okay, thank you @kialbert :slight_smile:

However, I would also like to know if you can share the link of separate forum for discussion of GSoC projects?

I will let you know as soon I know :slight_smile: