Reflex and overloaded member functions


I’m trying out the Reflex library.
I have some trouble calling overloaded member functions using Reflex.
Here is what I tried. I wrapped the following class:

class MyClass { public: MyClass() {} ~MyClass() {} int f() { return 10; } int f(int x) { return 11; } int f(int x, int y) { return 12; } };

Then I ran the following code:

[code] #include
#include <Reflex/Object.h>
#include <Reflex/Type.h>

using namespace std;
using namespace Reflex;

int main()
    Type t = Type::ByName("MyClass");
    Object o = t.Construct();

    int m = 0;
    vector<void*> args;

    int n = 0;		
    o.Invoke("f", Type::ByName("int(int)"), n, args);
    std::cout << n << std::endl;

It produced the output 10.
I had expected the output 11.
What am I doing wrong?

I’m using a Reflex distribution named reflex-2013-08-14.tar.bz2.

Also, is there any documentation that explains this?
The documentation I could find was very brief,
and had no examples with overloaded functions.

Thank you,
Johan Råde

I figured out the problem. The line

should be

Reflex seems to be very sensitive to spaces.