Reflex access to namespace constants


I have a namespace of constants which I am trying to access using Reflex. Here is a primitive example:

namespace MyNamespace
static const int MyConstInt = 1;
static const double MyConstDouble = 3.14;

I find that I cannot access these constants using Reflex. I can access the MyNamespace Scope using:


but I find no path to access the static constants. In the root/reflex/test directory I find an example of such a constant, but it is accessed using a separate class:

(taken from root/reflex/test/testDict2/TestClasses.h)

static const int staticint = 1;

class TestFunctionReturnTypes {

const int & returnRef1() { return staticint; }


Is this the only method for accessing static constants using reflex?



it’s a bug in Reflex; see for when it will be resolved. Until then you’ll have to wrap it in a function (which doesn’t need to be a class member).

Cheers, Axel.