Recover output from root macro in bash script

I have a root macro that returns an integer. File mymacro.C:
int mymacro() {return 3; }

How can I recover this output when I call it from a bash script? I tried this, but the variable remains empty:

var=$(root -b -q "mymacro.C")
echo $var

Thanks in advance,

Maybe something like this (tested only in zsh):

root -b -q mymacro.C       # you don't need quotes here
echo $var

yus’s code also worked for me in bash.
Here is another way: since the output line looks like this
(int) 3
you can look for this line and then print the 3 (second field in the line):

var=$(root -l -b -q "mymacro.C" | grep "(int)" | gawk '{print $2}')
echo $var

Note that we are immediately filtering the output through grep, so in more complex examples you may see stuff you don’t want (if there are other (int) lines) or may not see other stuff you want (if there are other outputs), so you will have to modify accordingly.
Also note that, in either case, you can (but don’t need to) pass to root the “-l” option to avoid the ‘splash screen’.

Thank you, both worked!

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